Monday, 16 November 2015

We pledge our own War on Waste and support to Local Farmers!

You may have seen the recent, and much publicised "War on Waste" TV Programme on the BBC. 

As you can imagine this a subject very close to our hearts, and our business, aka Wise Buys, is built solely on this premise of purchasing unwanted stock from Supermarkets and big companies.  This stock ranges from Short Dated stock, Best Before Dated stock or products with damaged packaging.

If we were not to buy these products there is a strong possibility that they would be discarded and put into landfill, which is an awful waste of perfectly good food, for which we are happy to sell to our customers at significantly reduced prices.

So with that in mind we are fully behind the #wastenot campaign which is putting pressure on Supermarkets to redistribute their unwanted stock, to shops like ours, charities and other social projects.

Something that was really prevalent on the programme was the wastage that Farmers have to endure due to their fruit and vegetables not fitting into the ridiculous cosmetic standards set by the Supermarkets.  

As part of our pledge we are calling out to Local farmers who have produce that is unwanted by the supermarkets or is surplus to requirements, that we would like to sell their products here in our store.  We hope that by working with the farmers we will be able to buy this produce which would end up being wasted, at prices below the supermarkets so then both the Farmer receives an income but the local community also benefits from lower cost products.

Also if there are any other local shops who have to throw away food that is past it's Best Before Date, Short Dated or has damaged packaging please contact us and we would be happy to work with you to reduce any wastage.

My contact details if the above is relevant to you are:  Lara on 07812 349792 or email

If you would like to pledge yourself against this waste visit

Here our some shocking stats that you might find interesting:

Each year in the United Kingdom we throw away 7million tons of food and drink, most of which could have been consumed. This is costing us £12.5 billion a year which equals £470 a year per average household.  (source

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I have passion for Bargains and the Local Area and I am the proprietor of Wise Buys Weymouth a Bargain Brand Food Outlet, situated on Lynch Lane which sells perfectly good short dated and Best Before Expired food, at low prices which would otherwise be scrapped and turned into harmful landfill.  

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